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The boys and girls of the disabled association capable went to visit us to present us their 2016 solidarity calendar, in which Grupo Iñesta participates as a sponsor. From Grupo Iñesta it is a pleasure to receive visits from the association, teach our facilities and collaborate with them in the great work they perform.

The increase in temperatures transiently or during long periods of time causes a series of changes in photosynthesis, breathing, water ratio, stability of the membrane and modulates the levels of primary and secondary metabolites, unleashing in some cases A drastic reduction in harvest performance.

The plants implement various mechanisms to combat said effects, such as the maintenance of the stability of the membrane, the accumulation and adjustment of solutes, the synthesis of proteins related to the thermal shock and synthesis of enzymes that eliminate oxidizing compounds among others.

The external application of amino acids acts as a protective agent of osmotic processes, helping the plant improve the strategy of acclimatization or tolerance in these conditions of heat stress, this being of great importance in performance, survival and agricultural productivity.

For this reason we have evaluated the foliar application of our 30% aminolom product in lettuce plants subjected to conditions of heat stress, observing that, with the course of time, plants treated and subjected to stress have greater vigor, one more aspect Healthy, a larger size and an optimal acollate in a shorter time regarding the untreated with the product.

AMINOLOM ENZIMATIC 30%, due to its composition, plays an important role in the protection of plants thanks to its thermo-protective effect that helps minimize morphological, physiological and biochemical alterations under conditions of heat stress.

The Iñesta group team wishes you happy holidays and a prosperous year 2016 full of good news and good harvests.

On November 11, 2015, the Manager of the Iñesta Group, Don Alfredo Iñesta, attended together some members of the company, at the Focus Innova SME, organized by the Valencian Community through the Ivace in collaboration with the Network CEEIS, to perform A talk within the act “Export if you can!”.

In this act, Don Alfredo Iñüesta presented the history of the Iñesta Group and unleashed the importance of export as a business development engine and motivating the event attendees to export. Everything framed in a climate of cordiality surrounded by other large Alicante companies as a Marjal group, Ideatec, Bocopa, Cadenalia and Ibide.

From the Iñesta group, we appreciate the competent bodies with invitation to this event and we wish to continue collaborating in future acts.

On October 27 Group Iñesta received a group of Agrotec technicians and managers, a distributor company of Alfredo Iñesta products in Paraguay.

The visitors gave a tour of the factory and laboratory facilities and attended a series of talks on research, development and production of the hand of Andrés Sempere, Pedro Fernández and Rafael García, members of the Technical Department.

Representatives of Grupo Iñesta visited Nortox this week, where they were greeted by Superintendent Director Humberto Amaral and by the commercial director, Roderley Clemente. Nortox and Grupo Iñesta maintain an important partnership in the area of ​​plant nutrition since 2011. In the photo, from left to right, Guilherme Acquarole, Derlis Ozuna, Roderley Clemente, Arturo José Sosky, Humberto Amaral, Raquel Iñesta, Sara Vazquez, Jairo Lang and Andrés Sempere.

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