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We publish the letter of a woman who remained next to her daughter on the night she gave birth to her baby by “induction of childbirth”

Some time ago we received this letter from one of our subscribers. We gladly publish it. It is the dramatic story of her daughter’s birth, which took place through induction. The lady clarified that hers was not meant to be a complaint, but only a way to let other women who have to undergo this procedure know the possible difficulties of the path.

Orally, she explained to us that her case is obviously not to be considered universal, so much so that her daughter’s neighbor undertook the same process and in just five hours she was hospitalized, went into labor and went and returned from the room. I leave, where she gave birth, in a few minutes, to a baby of 4 kilos.

Probably in my brain it has not yet found its sedimentation space, but I am sure that within a few days, when the physical and emotional fatigue have subsided, the horrible experience I lived will be recorded inside me under the heading ” trauma”.

I invent a name for myself, Valeria. I am 54 years old and I am the mother of a beautiful girl of 23 who has just given birth to a baby girl. Strong girl my daughter, decidedly rebellious and very fierce, consequently also tough, in physique and character. Yet, what she had to endure the night her creature came into the world, put her to a severe test and knocked out, at least for a few hours, even myself who was close to her and tried to help her. doing what little he could.

We were at the end of an absolutely perfect pregnancy, with no problems whatsoever, apart from the usual nausea of ​​the first period. Many checks during the 9 months to monitor that everything was going well. Exams, ultrasounds, gynecological visits. Perfect baby and mom.

Based on the last menstrual cycle declared, the term of gestation was calculated for the 12th of the month. But neither on the 12th nor in the days immediately following, nothing happens. New consultation with the specialist and re-dating based on the morphological parameters of the birth, at 19.

Anything! 20, 21, 22… Everything stopped. We then decide to consult the hospital where my daughter had decided to give birth and which I will never mention since this story of mine does not want to trigger controversy, but only be a concrete testimony for other women who should choose to undertake a certain path.

The doctors book the girl for the 29th. She will have to show up in the afternoon, after having eaten a light lunch. We are moving towards induced delivery. In practice, the “artificial” stimulation of contractions, through a procedure that involves various steps. The tragic thing is that these steps must be followed over a very long period of time and can last, in the worst case, or if they do not produce immediate effects, even three days!

That Tuesday my daughter, whom I’ll call Laura here, is placed in the maternity ward. She is wearing her new nightgown, with the button up front as required for admission. White and gray, all pretty clean because someone in the hospital wants to be decent and tidy. Her slippers, her dressing gown. Bag with the little girl’s things on the windowsill, biscuits and bottles of water on the bedside table for when she can consume some.

Towards evening, three floors below are called to begin the procedure. What is ridiculously called “fettuccina” or, more decently, “ribbon” is inserted into her vagina. It is an elongated gauze ending with a tampax type thread. It is soaked in prostaglandins and its function is to slowly release the substance thus preparing the cervix for dilation.

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