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The story of the values ​​of the entire Bari community in the relationship with its Saint is the theme of the 2016 Historical Parade. In fact, the link between the People and the Saint will be highlighted throughout the first part of the parade, while the nobles and the Church will characterize it. the second part, at the center of which is the description of the Translation which has the crypt of Myra as its scenic reference, followed by the emblem of the Caravella, an element of union between the strong powers of the medieval Bari court and the people.

A delegation of the procession made up of four Norman soldiers, four tympanists, two Benedictine monks and six sailors will attend the religious rite that precedes the embarkation of the Holy Nicholas icon at the Bay of San Giorgio.

At the San Nicola pier, some figures made up of four soldiers and four tympanists, witness the landing of the Sacred icon and escort it through the alleys of old Bari, up to the Castle, the starting point of the historical procession.

Departure of the procession from piazza Federico II di Svevia along the following path: via San Francesco D’Assisi – piazza Giuseppe Garibaldi – corso Vittorio Emanuele II – corso Cavour – via Sabino Fiorese – piazza Eroi del Mare – Araldo di Crollalanza promenade – Imperatore Augusto promenade – Basilica of San Nicola

1st Panel – The sailors of the company. Three air balloons, symbolizing the golden spheres representing the saint, accompany the arrival of a group of young people from Bari.

2nd picture – The Miracle of the three children. St. Nicholas revives the poor inanimate remains of three children killed by a treacherous host

3rd scene – The dowry of the three girls. The dowry given by St. Nicholas saves three young girls from a miserable fate.

4th Panel – Transfer to Myra in Turkey. Four sailors, including the young Matteo, arrive in the crypt where the bones of the saint rest. Matthew takes possession of the precious relics.

5th Picture – The Land of Bari, the people joyfully announce the arrival of the Saint. Bari is celebrating. Figures and musicians in medieval clothes announce the arrival of the Saint relics in the city.

6th Panel – The Court of Bari. The remains arrive in Bari. Representatives of the Bari nobility – Chiurlia, Bianchi Dottula, Calò Carducci and pro-Byzantine families – pay homage to the Saint.

7th Picture – The Church. The Abbot Elia, the priests Lupo and Grimoaldo and the representatives of the Benedictine monks welcome the arrival of the relics.

8th Picture – The Caravella. Only the sea separates the sailors, the remains of the saint and the landing at the port of Bari. The effigy of the saint dominates the Caravella, surrounded by four sailors and the young Matteo.

9th scene – Queue of the procession. Some auctioneers on foot with banners of the Nicolaian communities present and with the Banner of the City of Bari close the procession.

The whole procession will come from the seafront to the Basilica. All the participants will pass the Basilica up to largo Abate Elia, while a delegation of the members of the procession will stop in front of the Basilica for the delivery of the painting. Here all the paintings presented in the parade will be replicated in sequence. A show of flag wavers and tympanists will anticipate the entrance of the boat with the effigy of the saint that will be delivered to the Prior by the sailor Matteo and the Abbot Elia.

The parade of the parade will be followed by the aerial dance show conceived and curated by ResExtensa to narrate three of the miracles of St. Nicholas, Bishop of Myra: I Marinai, I Tre Generali, Il Grano.

ResExtensa was ranked first in the Pugliese Public Theater call for proposals under the FSC 2007/2013 funds – APQ Strengthened “Cultural heritage and activities” Programming of international artistic residencies and programming of international theatrical and dance performances in Puglia 2016 with a project of artistic meeting with the French company Motus Modules, absolute masters of “assisted flight”.

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